Painting Process: Steampunk Robots

Here's another of my painting process posts where I break down how I put together one of my robot paintings. As with all of the pieces in this series, this was painted in Photoshop at 12"x18", in RGB, at 300dpi.

I sketched out the basic idea over two photos I took of Erika. She has wonderful body language, and I wanted to use the energy she has in her crouching poses to add in more of a sense of height and flying into my work. In this case, it seemed like it could involve more of a steampunk feel, with one of them crouching on a zeppelin or something similar.

Robot design laid out. Having the figures crouching up this high made me want to include some element on the figures that could allow them to fly up this high. The layout made including wings a bit cramped, so I went with jetpacks instead.

Flat colour layers laid down on the figures. Note that, as always, the colours used here don't reflect the colours used in the final painting, but just serve to visually separate the various painting layers from each other.

Flat colour layers for the zeppelin and other elements laid down.

Basic painting on the deep background. I'm going with a rich, warm tone back here, which will lead me to use cooler colours on the figures for separation.

Basic painting on the zeppelin done. Again, going with a warmer scheme for the wood and brass of the structure will really allow the figures to pop forward with a cooler painting and lighting scheme.

Foreground platform painted.

Basic painting on the two figures completed. They have more of a neutral colour scheme at the moment, with the blue in their hair carrying them into the foreground more for dramatic impact.

Internal lighting and polishing painted in. I also changed the internal lighting of the zeppelin to a red to push it further into the background, further separating the figures.

Prints of this final piece can be purchased at my RedBubble Gallery.